About Monty

portraitbwDon’t stop at “The Iceman Cometh.”  There are a few dozen other ways to have fun with Monty Iceman’s name.  He’s heard them all. He says he gets references to “Let’s Make A Deal” from his first name and cracks about Eugene O’Neill and the Good Humor Man from his surname. It’s certainly a different name, but it’s no less unique than the man himself.

Certainly, Monty’s arrival in Los Angeles was no different from that of millions of others.  He was a 21-year-old kid, dreaming of Hollywood, who came out from Mississippi with a friend to get into show business.  After spending years as a waiter (what else?), he finally got his chance, appearing on a variety of soaps, as well as in episodes of “Dallas” and “The Jeffersons.” 

But things changed again for Monty when a former casting director who had become a real estate agent told him he would be ideal for the real estate profession.  That bit of casting proved to be a stoke of genius, as Monty has become one of the San Fernando Valley’s most successful agents, a man who believes that real estate should be, of all things, fun.


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